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    100 Things to be Grateful for.

    100 Things to be Grateful for.

      Being Grateful For What You Have, So You Can Be Ready For What’s Coming Next

    100 Things to be Grateful for.   My post is inspired by David Wood, I was listening to him this morning and I said to myself He is so right, I have so much to be thankful and grateful for. We are going to count down to 100 things to be grateful for.

    1. My attitude of gratitude is for my Good Health, Thank God, I do not have any contagious diseases, No chronic illnesses, Not obese. Thank God I never took on the habit of smoking or drinking.  I believe that if you have a lot of money and you are not healthy, you are not rich at all. I believe that one should have a curtain amount of awareness of good health to be truly wealthy. Eat right, drink plenty of water, and at lease exercise three times a week.

    100 Things to be Grateful for.


    2. I am grateful that I am living in the United States Of America, and that I am a citizen of this great country. I remember when I was a little girl, living on the island of St Vincent. People who returned to the islands form the United States, acted like they were so rich. They would come back wearing the best clothes. I would say, boy, when I grow up I want to go to America. When the opportunity came, it was so difficult to get a visa.  It took me three tries before I was given a chance. Then after coming to New York I had a rude awaking. I was put out from the home I was staying. My first job was baby sitting, and it was very tents for me on weekends coming home to my uncle’s house, because I was not getting along with his wife. Eventually I went to stay with friends.

    100 Things to be Grateful for.


    3. I am grateful that I am living in this times, right now, right here. I am living in this times where there is such great technology, such great discoveries. Think about the computer, think about the cell phone, think of the internet and all that it has to offer. Think about all the information we now know and can get our hands on, just because of this time we are living in. 2013.  As A black person, 60, 70 80 decades ago, I would not even dream to even think of me ever having this opportunity to be free, and to be able to accomplish all that I have, and would accomplish in the future.  information age, the internet, the computer these are the things I can think of, from the top of my head. I also can think of the healthcare system, vehicles, airplane, and the list could go on and on. But in a knot shell I am so grateful to be born the time I was born. No time sooner.

    4. I am grateful to be even born, My older brother David is 10 months older than I am. Now that I am an adult, I understand the chances of me even being born. I question the fact that my mother had a egg waiting for the sperm from my father, one month after  giving birth to my brother. What are the chances of that even happening? So my friends I consider my birth a miracle, and I am so lucky to be born in my right mind, have all my limbs, all vital organs well formed and functioning 100% capacity. I am so thankful and grateful. To God be the glory.

    100 Things to be Grateful for.


    5. I am grateful that I was born in the Caribbean, the Island of Carriacou Grenada. The family later moved to St Vincent, where I grow up and was educated till high school. I am grateful because, I believe that part of who we are, and what we believe comes from one early childhood and our environment.

    6. I am grateful for the type of parents I was privileged and bless to have. The love my mother showed all of us as kids, more so me. My mother and I were very close, although we disagree at time. My mother and I went every where together, although it was three of us girls. My other sisters did not want to go any where with her, so I was always the one who when to funerals, to the markets, etc with her.  People came to expect to see us together.

    7. I am grateful for the values that were pass on to me from my Parents. Up to this day as an adult, there are some things I just can not do, and not because I am a christian, but because of the values I learned as a kid growing up. Among other things that I just can not do is Steeling. If you have something that I want, I will ask you for it. Most of the time the answer is yes, but if you say no, and the thing disappeared you would know who took it right?. So than I can not take it. As a kid growing up, we had to ask for every thing that we wanted in the house, even if it belong to our sibling. If we were ever cough steeling we would be scold by our mother. My Mother always say, lair and thief are two brothers, because after you steel, you have to lie to cover it up. For some reason she always get to the truth. We all learn not to take what does not belong to us.

    8. I am grateful that I was privileged to have known my grandparents on my mother side. A lot of my friends do not know neither of their grandparents. We were all loved and adore by our grandparents. My memories of them are fun memories, I was bless to have known them.

    100 Things to be Grateful for.

    9. I am grateful to be a female, I can not imagine being a male. As a female looking at the male gender and the way they behave, I think that the human male are crazy, sex crave being, and that they are very aggressive. My husband uses to gets rough and hash with my son at times, as the woman and the mother I always have to step in and stop it. I sometime say to my husband, that is why God made women and mothers.  Ladies! Could you imagine if God did not make us woman? If their were no women in the world could you imagine  how terrible thing would be for our children, how terrible things would be for our male partners. That could not be who they are, without our sense of reasoning calm and gentleness . I am not saying all men are like that, but most of them. I am so glad I am a female, I can not imagine acting and behaving like they do. Some of them can not help it because the hormone testosterone causes them to behave this way.

    100 Things to be Grateful for.


    10. I am grateful for being a mother, I give birth to a healthy baby boy, 21 years ago, and was over joyed, it turned out that he would be my only child. So many women can not have children, and would do anything to have a child of there own in there marriage, but no matter what they do, they are unable to conceive and have children.

    11. I am grateful that I met the father of my son, I would not have my son if I did not meet his father, I am grateful to God.

    12. I am grateful that I can get up each morning with good health, in my right mind. I know of people who when to sleep and never wake up. The died in their sleep, It is wonder to wake up and say wow, another day, to go to work, to see my son, to see my husband, to be able to do what I do best. It is wonderful, I do not know what the future hold, so for today I will be grateful for today.

    13. I am grateful that I have a job right now, and a business that is making me some money I know some people wish they have what I have, so for right now I am going to be grateful.
    and again yet another day I am alive and in my right mind. Able to make decision on my own, for this I am grateful

    14. I know I am bless and should be grateful, but today I am a little down, I am a little depresses. Would not say why, but I am so very upset and depress right now. I have to go to bed early, maybe when I get up I will feel better and able to write something positive, thank you all for reading my post.





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    10 Lessons to Learn From Elon Musk

    10 Lessons To learn from Elon Musk


    Who is Elon Mush You ask?  Well every body who what to be in any kind of  business or is a entrepreneur and succeed big, needs to know who Elon Mush is.  Elon Mush is the person who started business like paypal, Well let me give you the list.

    Companies Started by Elon Musk:


    • Musk’s job now, he is the CEO of Tesla Motors, the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, and the chairman of SolarCity. His 2013 salary is over $78 million.
    • Musk’s net worth was estimated in September 2013 at $6.7 billion.
    • Like Warren Buffett and Elon Musk has pledged to give all of his money to charity.
    • Musk is one of only two people ever to found three billion dollar companies.


    Here is Lesson # 1 Go Where No One Has Gone Before:

    Go Where No One Has Gone Before

    Musk and his company SpaceX is seriously planning to build a greenhouse and a colony on Mars. You may laugh, but then, that is what they did when Columbus said the earth was round.

    #2 Look for Opportunities in Emerging Industries:


     Look for Opportunities in Emerging Industries


    Musk only starts companies in emerging fields. Business like. PayPal, (online payment), SpaceX, (space transportation), Tesla Motor(electric cars) and Solar City (solar power) At the time of Musk involvement with these companies no one was willing to take the risk, these industries were all high growth,  high risk and low competition. Musk hope to one day open up a visit to mars or  to space to the public.  A lot of people would like to have that experience before they die.

    # 3 The Quality of the Product Comes First:

    “I’d say stay very focused on the quality of the product.   People get really  wrapped up in all sorts of esoteric notions of how to manage etc., [but]  I think people should get much more focused on the product itself – how do you make the product incredibly compelling to a customer – just become maniacally focused on building it better.  I think people get distracted from that.” Elon Musk.


    #4 Be Prepared to Pivot:

    Prepared to Pivot


    If what you created is not working , be prepared to pivot, think about, what can I change this into, what else is in demand for this industry. To pivot in business is a sudden change in direction while keeping what you started with, and use it for the next big thing .  You might be the only one in your industry pivoting. It’s Okay.

    Muck turned (online bank) into PayPal (a global payment transfer provider).  Musk was able to use much of its resources. The pivot was a success:  PayPal was sold to Ebay, and the rest is history.


    #5 Embrace an Exit Plan:

    10 Lessons To learn from Elon Musk

    At 28-years-old Musk founded Zip2 (an online city guide)and sold it to Compaq for $307 million.  Again he founded, after changing the name to PayPal  he sold it to Ebay for  $1.5 billion. When you start a business, you should have an end in mind.


    #6 Invest Earnings into New Businesses:

    Musk invest at least 45% of his earnings back into brand new business.


    • $10 million of the $22 million Musk made from the sale of Zip2 went to founding (later PayPal).
    • $100 million of the $165 million made from the sale of PayPal went to founding SpaceX.


    #7 Hire Carefully, Fire Fast:

    “I think you definitely don’t want to grow too fast.   Make sure that every person you hire you really need to hire that person.”

    Elon Musk

    Elon has called hiring people his “biggest single challenge”:

    10 Lessons To learn from Elon Musk

    “I have an exceptionally high standard for people that get hired, and especially for SpaceX.  We really aspire to hire quite literally the best people in the world at their job. Finding such people is so hard…  When we find them, we are generally able to attract them to the company… But the number one issue for me is finding superlatively talented people.  I think we’ve been fortunate to find some very, very talented people at SpaceX, but that is always the governor on growth.” Elon Musk
    “One lesson I learned [at PayPal] is to fire people faster.  That sounds awful, but I think if somebody is not working out, it’s best to part ways sooner rather than later.  It’s a mistake to try too hard to make something work that really couldn’t work.” Elon Musk


    #8 Be Your Own Happiest Customer:

    Musk is getting ready to take a long drive across America, By putting himself behind the wheel of his own company’s product for weeks, Musk will experience what his customers experience, and he will know what to improve on the electric car and what is working well.


    #9 Make Failure an Option:

    10 Lessons To learn from Elon Musk


    “Good business decisions are often very safe. But great business decisions are almost always risky”. Elon Musk

    “Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” Elon Musk

    Musk’s business successes come from emerging industries with no history of turning a profit:  the Internet (in 1995), electric vehicles, space travel, and solar panels. Musk knew going in that there was a high risk of failure, but while he never planned on failing, he always had a contingency plan to allow for failure.

    “If every time somebody comes up with an idea it has to be successful, you’re not gonna get people coming up with ideas.” Elon Musk


    #10 Leadership Requires Putting Yourself Forward, Be Driven to Work Hard

    Musk’s leadership was tested on August 2, 2008. It was the day of SpaceX’s third launch attempt and the future of the company was on the line.

    10 Lessons To learn from Elon Musk

    SpaceX’s very next launch was a complete success. On September 28th, 2008 the Falcon 1 became the first privately built rocket to achieve earth orbit.

    “If you don’t mind things being really hard and high risk, then starting a company is a good idea. Otherwise, it’s probably unwise. It will certainly stress you out. So I think you have to be pretty driven to make it happen. Otherwise, you will just make yourself miserable.”

    - Elon Musk

    How many people read this post and enjoyed it.

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    3 Tips To Get More Customers


    3 Tips To Get More Customers

     How To Get Leads to Convert Into Sales

    With the internet marketing business being so competitive, people always wonder. How can I get my leads to buy my products? One gentle man said to me, I am getting leads, lots of them, but I can not get my leads to take the next step. Tell me How to get customers?

    First of all you have to understand that most people would not buy your offer or your product. In the internet marketing world, you will have more leads that sales, this is just the way it is. But then you continue to ask the question, how in the world others are making a killing on the internet, marketing other people product, and I am having such a difficult time getting one sale.  This is your lucky day my friends, I am  going to tell you a few concepts that I have learns over the years,  Yes I have been doing internet marketing for a few years, and have learn some tricks and tips in the business. These are just a few of the concepts that I will tell you, there would be more to follow.

    Comparison and Contract

    How To Get Leads to Convert Into Sales

     1. The first concept we are going to discuss is called comparison and contract. Comparison and contract means, presenting your prospect with two or more ideas, two items, or two things to choose from. If you have something to sell, always have another thing that is similar to the product you are selling, giving your prospect a choose. The similar product must be a bit more expensive, and have more value. You are going to line them up side by side. People will almost always choose the product you want then to buy, because it is going to be the cheaper one, they believe they are getting a bargain. This concept is practiced in the real estate industry, it also works well with selling physical products online. If you want more customers, Do this one trick, see what happens

    Direct Contact

    How to get leads

    2.The second tip I want to discuss is called direct contact, meaning being in direct contact with your prospects. Always be willing to have a talk with your prospects on the phone, by e-mail, text etc.  The people who are the shaker and mover in this industry, are the ones that are reaching out and connecting with their team. They are not afraid to let people know who they are, and what they look like. They schedule conferences; teleconference, phone meeting, three-way calls, video teleconference and Google hang out, and the list goes on and on. They do everything possible to have contact with their down line. The idea is to establish a relationship with their prospect. People buy more from other people they know and trust, this is a known fact.  If you want to succeed and make a lot of money, you have to do what the leaders are doing.

    One thing to bear in mind when doing direct contact, you do not want to push your products on others, be honest and polite when you are talking on the phone, let them know up front that this is a sales call. You have to give your prospect a change to accept or reject your call. Do not take it personal if they reject your offer, just remember that it was a no before you even picked up the phone, it is up to you to make it a yes. Tell story, sad and happy stories, asked what problems they are facing, and what you can do to help. Always come across genuine, and friendly, people can sense when you are not, even on the phone. Keep in mind that your prospect would seek you out when word gets out that you are honest and trustworthy. There is nothing like a good old word of mouth reference.


    The Concept of the Power of 52

    How To Get Leads to Convert Into Sales

    3.  The last concept I want to discuss is a concept that my mentor taught me a few years ago, it is the concept of the power of 52. The idea is this, If you commit to personally sponsoring 52 people into your organization you will catapult yourself to one of the top income earners in your opportunity, He guaranteed this. He said that the actual average of people that the gurus managed to sponsor was about 57. And these ‘gurus’, who we now know to have only personally sponsored around 57, are the top income earners in their opportunity. Why is this so? You may ask, because you will have a very good mix of people in your group. If you go anywhere in the world and buy a deck of cards there will always be 52 cards (not counting Jokers of course). And in those 52 cards you will always have 4 Aces, 4 Kings, 4 Queens, 4 Jacks, and a whole bunch of other cards.

     There will always be a certain amount of cards, made up of a certain amount of high and low cards. I promise you this if you ABSOLUTELY commit to never quitting until you have personally sponsored 52 into your organization you will find your 4 ACES, your 4 Kings, and Queens, and your Jacks of course. Plus, you will find your bunch of low cards. All contributing to YOUR success! Math is an absolute science and if you commit to recruiting 52 people personals the math will not fail you.

    These are the concepts that I live by, and they have helped me success, and I know they will help you too. You will soon find yourself in the top of your game, and the top income bracket in your opportunity. Give it your 100% and commit to personally sponsoring 52 people into your organization, you will fulfill your dreams of being number one earner in your program, and you will be successful in this industry.  This is how I get more customers. Good luck.


    If you would like to continue to see what my other concepts are? please continue to visit my blog. This is an empower network blog, just $25 a month, any one can afford $25 a month. It is the best $25 I have ever spent for my business. Please write a comment in the comment section if you like this article. We love to hear from our readers.





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    Power lead system-MLM Lead Generator

    The Power Lead System MLM lead Generator

    I saw the Power Lead System video, and I was blown away. It have everything an internet marketer will ever need to be successful in any business. The platform is a Massive MLM lead Generator and a very powerful marketing tools that the big businesses uses.  They are making it accessible to the common marketers for very little money. This is very good because, it gives the average Joe a chance to make big money in any business, and compete with the big boys( It about time I say). The Power lead system is a sales funnel builder, email marketing, text marketing, voice marketing, website tools and training modules, and much more. To get all this on your own, you would end up spending over $30.000 in time and technology.  Tools like this do not come cheap due to the heavy technology issues and 100s of hours to build. These tools are absolutely necessary if you want to really scale up your business to a higher level, and beat you competition. The Power Lead System reviews have been good.


    MlM lead Generator

    Some people are signing in for a Business Opportunity, others just want it for the Network Marketing Leads it would bring to their business. Think about the Money you would make with this product, think about the thousands of leads you will generate. You will outshine your competition with massive  MLM lead generator. Other internet marketer would wonder what you are doing to generate so much leads and money, then you can offer the same system to them and get 100% commission on ever sale.

    Make a Massive Income

    Your Income Will Grow Like A Blazing Wildfire!” You will have no shortage of customer, because Every Marketer On The Planet will want this DESPERATELY. They will want to get their hand on this Tools… Every person with a website would need it. The ocean is your market. You get the picture?. You will be able to make a massive income with the power lead system. You would not have to do any Internet Advertising any more with your hands on this product. What is it going to be for you? This could surely be your AH HA moment. You can also promote other products, the sky is the limit. My friends this is the time, just think, this opportunity was not around 5, 10, 15, years ago. We are in the right decade, the right century, the right time to be born. There is no excuse, we have all the opportunity to be rich right here, right on the internet. Are you excited now? I have been for a long time.

    The Power Lead System Conclusion

    So if you like 100%  commissions, you will love what we have. Get a First Move Advantage and check out our Accelerated Leverage pay plan. This is going to be the best 100% commissions paying program out. Get in on the action now that it is free to sign up, and before it hit the market. It is going viral in 2 weeks. Get The lead system before the price goes up. This is my link. I have a free gift for every one the sign up under me.


    This is an empowered network platform, I do encourage every one to sign up for the blogging platform, it is only $25.00 a month, any body can afford that.





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